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Here is the catalogue of almost all people from the best cartoon The Simpsons. At first there were a lot of .ICO files, then there were a lot of my work a now - here is a lot of .GIF files for good viewing on the web. Here is the ZIP of all .ICO files - icons for Windows.


Bart Unarbridged
Dům Simpsonových
Simpsons Family
Jaderná elektrárna
Nuclear Plant
Neighborhood Kids
Moe's Tavern
Moe's Tavern
Towns People Public Figures

TV Land

Guest Stars
Aerosmith Baseball Ringers

Red Hot Chili Peppers
Spinal Tap Bongo Comics Miscellaneous

    ZIP with all .ICO files

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This is Springfield, little town where the Simpsons are living. Some objects are clickable.


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